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Tilting Mounts allow you to tilt your TV either up or down to help with glare and also very good over fireplaces.

Full Motion Mounts work great if you are viewing the TV from multiple seating positions. For example if you are trying to view the TV from the kitchen, as well as the living room. The full motion allows you to pull out or swivel your tv.

We will analyze your living space and help you to decide which wall to mount your TV on.

Certain factors such as seating locations, existing power and cable outlet locations, as well as where your studs are located are all considered when choosing the right TV location.

The Size of the TV, the distance between your seating and the wall, as well as the height of your furniture all play a factor in where the TV should be mounted.

We will explain everything in detail, and confirm desired height before we begin mounting the bracket to the wall.

We Supply HDMI cables, optical, and ethernet cables.

We offer in wall concealment as well as outer wall concealment which is a plastic channel we install on the wall to feed your cables through.

We can install on drywall with wood studs, or metal studs, plaster walls, concrete, brick, tile and stone. We have installed many TV’s and have the proper tools and experience to install on any surface.

You can trust us as your TV installers to insure that your tv would never risk falling. We make sure the mount is secure before attach tv to the mount. We are also 100% insured and backed with a 2M liability to insure your new TV is covered in case anything were to happen.

We will plug in all boxes

Walk you through set up of your new tv!

Yes. We can mount on any surface without an issue.